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  1. Holy shit dude I remember those haha old school I love it Hella old school my dude...I kind of feel like drinking that today lol
  2. Lol not trying to sales trash but this sounds like a load of crap...if you are offering a legit service and not just carding using the cards on the account why dont you charge more since you are doing a shit ton of extra work
  3. Hey im looking for somebody that can make me 1 or 2 woxy configs or teach me/point me in the right direction of making my own. I have a bunch of accounts, combos, configs for BB, Mailrefresher, Woxy and sentry for trade. HMU any help would greatly be appreciated.
  4. Could be cause your using the cracked version...some programs dont run as they regularly would because they were cracked. I wish they did tho
  5. thanks needed this tut is there anyway to get a working recapture module for this?
  6. Havn't seen this posted so I'm posting it here. If anyvbody has some configs for this and want to share them Pm please. [hide] [/hide]
  7. They have woxy and mail flow cracked here already...basically does the same thing just not configurable like the other 2
  8. I use grubhub when doordash acts up on me but they dont have a big selection in my city...and i used to drink hypnotic and hennessy in high school. we call it incredible hulk since it turns green when you mix it lol
  9. Kanye is falling of so tough...trying to stay relevant. No disrespect to lil pump he is the "Right Now" sound but kanye is pulling a Drake move and its looking bad lol
  10. Mine is Hennessy straight...courtesy of doordash accounts :P
  11. I hope I can actaully configure this one...I had trouble with woxy configs lol