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  1. The detention was the result of an international joint operation of the Cyber Police, Europol and the FBI. According to the police, starting in April 2020, a group of hackers infected the networks of organizations with the help of encryption viruses and demanded a ransom from 5 to 70 million euros. The victims of the attacks were more than 100 American and European companies, including large energy and tourism companies. The total damage is estimated at $150 million. During the search, $360,000 was seized in cash, another $1.3 million was blocked on crypto wallets
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    Mozilla engineers have discovered that hundreds of thousands of people use passwords related to various superheroes in one way or another. In the top, of course, Superman, Batman and Spider-Man. The original names of the characters are also often used: James Logan, Clark Kent, Tony Stark and Peter Parker. Friends, such passwords do not have super protection and are weak, it is quite easy to compromise them. So be more original.
  3. Dunaev faces up to 60 years in prison. According to the court's ruling, 38-year-old Dunaev, together with his accomplices, developed the Trickbot extortionist program. This program allowed to steal data from millions of computers of various companies around the world for ransom. Networks of schools, banks, municipal authorities and companies in the field of healthcare, energy and agriculture were also attacked. The Russian was extradited at the request of the United States from South Korea to Ohio, where his trial is underway. The crimes were committed between November 2015 and August 2020.
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