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  1. I applied to the service for the first time. Communication + Service+ Great service
  2. Too much has changed. I left due to the salt. My salt mostly. Cant comeback because I don't want to relearn the game.
  3. I have the same app and its not due to the crack. Mine runs fine. It's most likely your proxies I would say. For example. if you are using a USA based website but your proxies are from japan or europ it may not let them though. For one of my configs i have to make sure all my proxies are based in the USA.
  4. I have been working on this myself and have been having issues. Damn, its for account and not giftcards. Not sure if giftcard are possible.
  5. What am i? A wonderful warrior exists on earth. Two dumb creatures make him grow bright between them. Enemies use him against one another. His strength is fierce but a woman can tame him. He will meekly serve both men and women If they know the trick of looking after him And feeding him properly. He makes people happy. He makes their lives better. But if they let him grow proud This ungrateful friend soon turns against them.