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  2. Good service, the transfer came without delay
  3. Thanks ! All videos are recorded qualitatively, Everything is clear without unnecessary revisions. Everything is explained extremely thoroughly! 🤑
  4. Boi


    Thank you! It was very necessary at the moment, and I myself have to do it for a long time. You helped me out a lot.
  5. Trusted service! Good luck our croocks🧐
  6. Good device! Received a week after payment. All functions work perfectly.
  7. The deal went through instantly. The software is working.
  8. Acquired the business a few months ago. I am happy with the purchase, I recaptured the money quickly, found my own way to attract customers)) don't ask, I won't share))
  9. Thank you received the complete set. All the declared functionality is available and works.
  10. Thanks for order shipping! Received my order and have put the atm skimmer into use!
  11. made that bitcoin payment to this dude and he sent me a tracking number 2 days later then 7 days i got my package. went straight to a ATM and it really reads the and i used the gsx software and cashed out 100% good seller
  12. I thank the service for the solemnly rendered services. Respect!
  13. A good, profitable topic. Be careful when executing. Successful sales bro, I was glad to cooperate!!!😏
  14. Interested in cooperation. I have a lot of people for serious work.
  15. The first month brought only great hopes, but it was his own fault, he did not immediately understand the specifics of the business.In the second month of work, I received a very good flow of customers with an average check of more than 1000 €. Thank you for your support. I wrote to you in telegram, I want to consult on one issue. Answer me as soon as you have time.
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