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  2. Ready to provide ready-made accounts of payment systems, banks and crypto wallets. Vivid, Nuri, Penta, N26, ICard, Monese, Revolut, Bunq, Ing, Aion and etc. It would be interesting to work with Polish banks. Prices, volumes and actual verifications are ready to be discussed individually. It is also possible to work under %. More than six months of successful work in this field. Contact @Ashuma22
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  4. The method is 100% working.
  5. I work regularly with this great man. There can be no complaints. There was never even a time delay. Thank you for showing up in my life. You made her richer.
  6. Sorry it was a bad experience. I won't fall for sad stories anymore.
  7. 5 days of waiting and a set to work with me. I won't say any more words. I'll upload a video. k214_(1).mp4
  8. Thanks! I received the parcel, everything works.
  9. Is it possible to get a device and work for you? I offer 50 to 50. I really need money.
  10. Sorry, Bro AutoCorrect 3) Menskim is a real dude, told inside and out how to perform all the manipulations ***
  11. The magic happened. Everything happened as the seller promised, the DHL courier handed over the box. After a few days of using the device, I want to share my impressions: 1)Device performance at 100% 2) The battery holds a charge even a little more than stated, although it may depend on the amount of information being read. 3) Mensky is a real dude, told inside and out how to perform all the manipulations
  12. I talked to the seller for a long time before ordering. There were doubts about honesty, but a week after payment I received a long-awaited device. Works at 100% of the withered functionality. Special thanks for giving me a discount, MenSkim
  13. Legit selller Legit shop
  14. worldwide shippping
  15. hi! do you ship this to argentina?
  16. Мне нужна помощь нужны номера карт с кодом и с симкой
  17. Свяжитесь со мной будьте добры
  18. Привет! Есть необходимость связаться !
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